Once More To The Breach

Verse 1
Here we go again into the fray
Once more to the breach, play helpless witness
Climb up to the sun, over the top
Never mind the Hun, for king and country

Ev’ry body need some cause
Worthy for to sacrifice
It don’t matter no wrong or right
Main thing is mission here by choice

Verse 2
Here we go again, I hear your words
Sad I feel your pain, but I can’t fix it
State you point of view with confidence
Same time seem confused about what you want

Repeat Bridge

Take me by my hand, enlighten me why come you here
Help me understand your plan, work out how I fit in

Verse 3
Here we go again, please talk to me
Not for me to make your choices for you
Try maintain my faith – is meant to be
Project management – expert arrangement

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

“May be I could play some guitar?”

Once more to the breach