Verse 1
I pass you standing by the side,
I wonder what you’re thinking
There’s something sad about your eyes
I wonder what they’re seeing

Verse 2
I look around but there’s no dog
I wonder why you come here
Maybe some private memory
Of something dear makes you stare

Say hello, good morning
Nice weather, how is your life
I’m thinking, but never
Would verbalise, I’m British, sorry

Verse 3
I see you resting on the bench,
The one beside the church door
I see myself in years from now
Remembering words unsaid

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Sometimes I pass you in the street
I wonder where you’re going
Us, you and I, lone walkers both
See you again tomorrow

I hope I do – chin up old bean … sorry about that … nice day, been a bit chilly lately.