Verse 1
Dig the band going down in the hall, yeah
Bass guitar chair vibrating
Music prefect for breaking of rules
That’s, that’s where I wanna be

Verse 2
Spy the girls lining up for the loo, yeah
Shy guy pretending he’s cool
Greebo screams “don’t listen to your muvver!”
You really going down (you really going down)

Verse 3
Crazy words flowing out of my mind, yeah
Pronouncing nonsense on stage
I’m not he, he who came here before
Hey, Dave just get on with it

We’re really going down
(we’re really going down)
We’re really going down
(I’m really) Going Down

Verse 4
Dancing girls twisting down at the front, yeah
My shy guy stands amongst them
I should spend time rehearsing his lines
He’s, he’s really going down (he’s really going down)

Verse 5
Chasing snare bouncing out of my head, yeah
One back beat driven frenzy
Coney Joe, he is picking up Marlaine
She gonna-attack my brain

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus to Fade