Verse 1
Tears for Mary Jane are drying on your pillow
Why she cannot stay, they would not say the reason
Just she has to go, but she’ll be back tomorrow
Then to play again with Mary

Verse 2
Where is Mary Jane? You sitting by the window
Why will no one say when Mary Jane will be here
Why are you so sad? You should be glad you know her
Before Mary Jane – ’twas lonely

Smiles of Mary Jane are dancing in your heart beats
For Mary Jane will always be your sweetheart

Verse 3
Through your sleepy eyes your questions find an answer
Still as you arise you making plans to find her
She feels far away. Can she be found in realtime
Or on another plane – Mary Jane?

Verse 4
Prayers for Mary Jane, that she might hear your yearning
Why did she appear, were you not safely sleeping?
Search for Mary Jane within your mind she’s turning
Round and round again forever

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5 (half verse)
Now you understand why no one speaks of Mary
But you don’t forget the way you felt when you met

Tears for Mary Jane
Tears for Mary Jane