Verse 1
Excited children laughing
They wake you from your journey sleep
A wooded entrance long un used calls you beyond

Verse 2
The sound of music dancing
The light of lanterns burning bright
The carriages of guests arriving lead you on

Verse 3
A gentle piano draws you
Her back is cloked venetian-red
She plays an air you feel you know from somewhere else

Oh my love I know that you are out there
Oh my love I don\’t know how to get there
Oh my love I fear I must be dreaming
But no my love I wear the silken waistcoat

Oh my love
Where are you?

Verse 4
Infant pulling at my sleeve
Turning pages on my knee
It\’s like a future memory as you play in the next room

Verse 5
Morning boat trip on the lake
Your blue eyes rest upon my face
Exchanging names you say you wait for my return

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental to fade