In Scarlet town where I was born,
There was a fair maid dwellin’
Made every youth cry Well-a-day,
Her name was Barbara Allen

All in the merry month of May,
When green buds they’re a swellin’
Young William Grove on his death-bed lay,
For love of Barbara Allen

He sent his squire unto the town
The place where she was dwellin’
Haste ye come, to my master’s call,
The one who’s Barbara Allen

At last appear she at the door
At last to where he’s lying,
But all she says to sweet William’s tears
Young man, I think you’re dying

He turned his face unto the wall
As death to him was calling
Good bye, Good bye to my dear friends. All
My love to Barbara Allen

And so he died and laid in wake,
So sounded death bell knelling
And every toll, it did seem to say
Oh, cruel Barbara Allen

Oh father dear please dig a grave
And make it deep and narrow
Sweet William died, for the love of me,
And now my heart doeth follow

Very next day they bury her
Sweet William’s grave beside her
And from one heart grew a red red rose
The other grew a briar

Now somewhere hides an old church yard
With graves un kept belying
Where still they twine, as in loves embrace,
The red rose and the briar