Searching For Light

Verse 1
Down in the morning after
Regret the night before
You don’t recall her name
What were you looking for?
Following faded footsteps
Roll in the waves of time
I’m standing on the shore
What am I looking for?

Searching for light
Try as I might
I never find

Verse 2
Only the lonely people
Find time to stand apart
They understand my mind
Know what is in my heart
All in the way we see it
Some say it all makes sense
I’m sitting on the fence
What am I looking for?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Driving a road to Gravesend
Queues on M25
Back to where I am from
But does this feel like home?
Looking to find an answer
Forget the question asked
So long I don’t know what –
What was I looking for

Repeat Chorus

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