I don\’t need to set you right, I
Don\’t believe in black and white
Absolutes of wrong and right, life\’s
Just a role play anyway
Just a role play anyway

Verse 1

And after all, I think it\’s up to you
To make your choice, enjoy the tastes you choose
And it maybe that I don\’t want you in my space
But that don\’t mean that I believe that you must change your path

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
And after all, I think you\’re really cool
You\’re one of us, expressing divinity
But it maybe that we are choosing different ways
And so this time we must play our games apart … this life

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3
And after all, it\’s your prerogative
And who am I, to tell you how to live
It maybe that we don\’t see things eye to eye
But that don\’t mean you and I cannot agree to differ

Repeat Chorus to fade