But they held open the door
And that’s no small thing
It’s true could not see equals
Still good they did do
After all, all social norm
Deep conditioned from birth
And were boot on other foot
Would we do better?

Verse 1
Understand youth frustrated
But cannot the hate share
Still remember why we came
To give you better life opportunities

Repeat Chorus
And how they held open the door …

Verse 2
I remember why we stayed
Tolerate the name calls
You ask me where I keep my balls
Yet is clear our life is so much better here

Repeat Chorus
Forgive hand held open the door …

Verse 3
Did we try to understand
Why they do not embrace?
Why our ways they frown upon?
Do not we sometimes ourselves look down on them?

Repeat Chorus (1st half)
Forget they held open the door …


Verse 4
Do we desire integrate
Free from judgement become
Everybody to their own
Celebrate diversity as part of God?

Repeat Chorus
Credit they held open the door …