[Verse 1]
After all
Worthy subjective
Point of view
Expression equal
In dark and light

Ride horses high
Across the sky
Won’t you climb down
Appreciate – feet on ground?

[Verse 2]
No wrong and right
Better absolute
In eyes of God – odd
No should / should not
No goal prescribed by
For soul decide

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 3]
Exists within
Facet explore
Sparkle of splendour
Ignite the flame

[Repeat Chorus]

[Spoken word]
If one wants to write or perform songs for commercial reasons, or in pursuit of fame, wealth, respect, approval, adoration of others, or, on the other hand, to simply connect with like-minded people … or any combination of these, or for any other reasons, why should I dismiss as unworthy simply because a motivation is different from my own?