[Chorus v1]
I don’t need dogma religion
Tell me now confused
Blind belief nor blinker vision
Further feed delusion

[Verse 1]
Up to me to find my own sense
Sit on fence or climb down
Choose my side or go my own way
Change my mind tomorrow

[Chorus v2]
I don’t need no corporation
Tell me what desire
Sell me lie, market my data
Bleed me dry my pocket

[Verse 2]
Up to me to choose direction
To or from ignorance
Dark or light, both way see alright
Favourable in God eyes

[Chorus v3]
I don’t need no politician
Feed me us and them
Prejudice my mind against me
CBT my thinking

[Verse 3]
Up to me decide important
Aspiration stake mine
Always make my contribution
Sacred collaboration


[Chorus v4]
I don’t need no Darwinism
Tell me man evolved
Thin covered ape atheism
Further feed my monkey

[Repeat Chorus v1]