Leap Of Faith

Verse 1
People say you lost the plot, but you don’t care
You don’t wanna be like they – is not for you
Don’t invite offer advice, yet still they speak
Right assume, from high presume, but you see through

Why they talk in terms of truth, do they forget?
Just yesterday uncertain they take leap of faith

Verse 2
People say you lost your way, but how they know?
After all is they confuse view point with fact
They pretend is all sewn up – the how and why
All you know is you don’t know, but ‘least that’s true

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3
People say you speculate unauthorised
In your head the things you believe true are lies
They prefer for truth defer to holy book
Magically the book they chose is now their proof

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

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