Verse 1
Don’t you preach to me – “I must take your faith”
It’s the only way for my soul to save
I respect you the right to choose your beliefs – your prerogative
But insist you return the same to me

Verse 2
Don’t you preach to me – “I must walk your path”
Don’t presume you know what is in my heart
I ain’t saying that you are wrong just that I – I do not agree
Why not take a hint? Hear what people think?

I feel that preaching to me so I believe
Is more about your doubts
And pushing your point so I concede
Is more about your needs

Verse 3
Don’t you preach to me – “I must share your view”
You may codepend, but I won’t pretend
I respectfully stand by what I believe to be right for me
I’ve my point of view, I’m entitled to

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Don’t you preach to me – “I must live your life”
Why do you insist, like some screw is missed?
Some might say if conviction was half as real as you say it is
Then you may calm down, walk upon the ground

Repeat Chorus to fade