[Verse 1]
Presumption of preacher
Ego to impose belief
Self appointed leader
Arrogant humility
By hook or crook they save you
Judge mundane morality
If stands in way of

[Verse 2]
Presumption of daughter
My body my right to choose
Ownership is given
Life and death now up to you
Legalise abortion
No more tell you what to do
Femme liberation

Don’t forget to own it
Obligation personal
Point of view subjective
Comprehension confidence/certainty/absolute

[Verse 3]
Presumption of monarch
God ordained authority
Right to rule divine will
Empire build in name of God
Populace exploited
Protection neglected
For or ‘gainst divided

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 4]
Presumption of species
Human being dominion
Two or four leg divide
Top of food chain by design
Nothing wrong with meat eat
For animals possess no soul
Do you believe that?

[Repeat Chorus]