Verse 1
You want to know the reason why you are here
You need this information now
Reveal the hidden meaning
Read between the lines
You want to get this clear

Verse 2
You want an explanation believable
Something that resonates inside
You need an understanding
Power to apply
Your self with confidence

Chorus A
Require an answer
Demand to know the truth
The smoke and mirrors
Desire to see through

Verse 3
Some choose a life adventure representing light
They illustrate that light exists
They tolerate the darkness
Permeating Earth
Agree to take birth here

Chorus B
Ask them the answer
Desire to know the truth
The smoke and mirrors
Aspire to see through


Light exists – it’s up to you
War is over – if you want it

Chorus C
Beyond the answer
Regardless lie or truth
The smoke and mirrors
See how they serve you