Verse 1
Tell me how your job is rubbish
Your boss is a crazy mother
Complain how your time is wasted – low paid
Two weeks holiday is insult
Yeah yeah – so hard – I know

Verse 2
Tell me how your girlfriend dumped you
Saw her with your best friend you think
She said why we cannot still be friends
But you sense she is after something
Woe oh – so sad, but …

How is it perfect? Question.
Intended purpose suggestion

Verse 3
You see how the world is wicked
People only after money
No care for environmental impact
Destroy like a plague of locusts
Doomed – bang on, but …

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
You say how this life is hopeless
Birth, death, suffer old-age / disease
Lifetime after lifetime samsara bound
Until purify existence
Soul fallen, but …

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5
Argue if a source is perfect
Every emanation likewise
Cannot offer explanation how now
But believe all will soon be revealed
’til then wonder / consider …

Chorus to fade