Driven By No One

If body and soul is like car and driver

Verse 1
Sit here in my car
Model no one designed
No market place researched
No consumer demand focus

Verse 2
Acquire me my car
By apparently chance
Of random selection
Process in which I have no say

Some people pretend cars
Desire to survive
Production line perpetuate
Driven by no one

Verse 3
Take pride in my car
Marvel smooth is its’ ride
Find hard to accept it, but it
s’all by passing of time they say

Chorus v2
Some people pretend cars
Struggle to exist
Production line perpetuate
Driven by no one


Verse 4
Now park up my car
Dead by side of the road
No notion to evolve
But I might prefer better car next time

Chorus v3
Some people pretend cars
Have mind of their own
Reproduction line perpetuate
Driven by no one

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