Chorus A
Desire to make sense
You want to understand
No matter you try
You end back on your fence

Chorus B
Each revelation
More mystery reveals
Around in circle
Sometimes that’s how it feels

Verse 1
Take the laws of nature
Brutal by design
Why it has to be this way?
What does this say about the law maker?

Repeat Chorus A with last line adjustment
‘Still sitting on that fence’

Verse 2
Take idea of karma
Action and reward
But you don’t find something that binds you
Consistent with self divinity

Repeat Chorus B


Verse 3
Take the plight of victim
Will against oblige
If every blade of grass is moving
Only on your say so, where’s the love?

Repeat Chorus A with last line adjustment
‘You return to your fence’

Repeat Chorus B with last line adjustment
‘At least that’s how you feel now’