Verse 1
Everytime you speak pause first to think
Everytime you think consider this
Everything you find believable
Needn’t indicate truth carved in stone
Take for example
What happens when we die
Some people certain that nothing of us survives

Verse 2
What you believe true is up to you
One can live this life as all in all
For life after death find no evidence
Only here for one term nothing more
Some people atest
No one come back yet
But what if we already live an after life?

Say you don’t believe, yet here we are
Maybe just last life memory forgot
But don’t be sad be glad, fits like a glove
Welcome to the afterlife

Verse 3
Or did you decide this can’t be true
Life beyond the grave fantastical?
Sure, this life we live’s a miracle
But one is real, other impossible
Or so you argue, and you seem so sure
You seem so certain that nothing of us endures

Repeat Chorus


Repeat first part of Verse 1