I want to understand what make you tick
I want to know your plan, say what’s a foot
Desire to know so make my peace
Now don’t de-lie me, show your hand

Verse 1
I want to see you
Soul recognise truth
I need to be certain, have to be sure
I want to believe
I want to find freedom
Comprehend reason, clear this confusion

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Reveal to me pray
Alleviate doubt
Convey key objective, tell me today
For once and for all
Step into the light
Explain to me victim – seems you abandon

(I want to)

Verse 3
I’m down on my knees
Is crisis of faith
I want to believe but egg on my face
I’m begging you please
Come clean with your scheme
Dispel this illusion, maya delusion

Repeat Chorus

mispronounced ‘deny’ – intentional pun