Chorus A
Makes me wanna pack a bag
Head into the hills
Climb upon the higher ground
Wander in the fields

Verse 1
I believe in you
You believe in me
True, we don’t always see things eye to eye

Verse 2
But we believe in truth
Never thought much of lies
Somehow they never satisfied our soul
In my heart

Chorus B
Times I wanna get away
Leave the stress behind
Walk along a river path
Liberate my mind

Verse 3
I believe in you
You believe in me
Some say simply disguising self belief

Verse 4
We may choose to pretend
Forget because it serves
But still in the end still the fact remains
In my heart

Chorus C
Maybe we can start again
Get back to the land
Feel connected to the earth
Try to understand

Verse 5
I can see through you
You can see through me
Are there really two birds upon this tree?
In my heart