[Verse 1]
Is this my exit call?
Come in your time is up
This body had enough
Against my will oblige
My self-divine denied
As if these hands are tied

[Verse 2]
Some time my mind confused
May be this life a ruse
Agenda long forgot
Is part of sacred game
My happiness and pain
Only myself to blame

Did I soul realise?
Objective manifest?
Divinity express?
Expand experience
If only for a while
I hope I made you smile

[Verse 3]
Is this our curtain call
Us players on the stage
Applauders in the hall
Is this the fond farewell?
Is this our last goodbye?
Did all embrace a lie?

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]
Is this one last hurrah
The parking up my car
Is this the exit pass?


[Repeat Chorus]