Verse 1
Bird on a tree is watching me
What I believe is destined
Is by design, facilitates
My state of mind fits my desires

Chorus v1
I take this birth under direction
No matter whom I choose to be, you stay with me

Verse 2
No stone unturned no bridges burned
Pleasure and pain perceive the same
And all the while a witness smiles
Swallow the lie, or question why … either way

Chorus v2
I take this birth – my contribution
No matter how I choose to play, always with me


Verse 3
Bird on a tree still watching me
Reminding heart of things desired
To taste the fruit, or remain aloof
Or in between, is up to me

Chorus v3
I take this birth – an exploration
No matter where I choose to roam, you come with me

Bird on a tree
Bird on a tree, yeah