[Verse 1]
Where to next? What takes your fancy? How you live?
Always your prerogative
No prescription, predetermined wrong or right
Defined by me

[Verse 2]
Where to next? Desired objective? You decide
Choice is yours, your slate us clean
No oblige predestination hands-are-tied
Preferred by me

Where may wander? Where may explore? Up to you
Direction change, same continue, open / close door
Yours to choose

[Verse 3]
Sacred, our collaboration contributes
Always I facilitate
Many become one and different – separate
Yet remain divine

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 4]
Where you come from? Whom a part of? Why you here?
Who take after? Always clear
Wonderful, my spark of splendour, day and night
In dark and light

[Repeat Chorus]