Verse 1
I’ve been wandering through the universe
Wearing various disguise
So many times I have taken birth
As many times I’ve died

Verse 2
I sometimes think I have found my way
Now I’m no longer blind
Existential problems gone away
But then again change my mind

Though I try to believe
We are not alone
Still confused in my mind
Try’n’ to get back home

Verse 3
Engineering things behind the scenes
Across species of life
Sending letters just like Mr Bean
Surprised when they arrive

Verse 4
And as I journey through this land of dreams
Addicted to my sleep
Nothing here is quite how it seems
My alarm clock beeps

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
Sometimes I try to wake up
Face up to the truth
If I don’t like it then I make it up
Is that the same as you?

Repeat Chorus to fade