Verse A1
I take my birth nineteen fifty nine
Arrive on Earth for adventure
Like holiday far away from home I travel

Verse B1
Do not believe
Rumours we heard
But now I see they’re all true
Some things I find
They blow my mind
Especially the dark stuff

Verse A2
Yet here I am walking in the darkness
Sometimes I feel a little home-sick
Stiff upper lip
After all I’m born in England

Verse B2
Sometimes I feel
Myself tourist
I’m out of place in this place
I can’t relate
To what goes on
Don’t understand the customs

Verse A3
The folks back home
They will think I make up
When I recall
Things I witness
Like government try’n’ to run country like business

Having great time, the weather’s fine
I wish you were here with me
People are lovely, though bit crazy
I’ll see you when I get back


Verse B3
Some things I see
Mind me of home
Green countryside, meadows gold

Verse A4
But there is war
Animals for slaughter
On such a scale – stains the ground red
And no one here
Poses connection between them

Repeat Chorus