Passage of time facilitates unmanifest manifest
Experience before-after contextual self-expression
Establish stage – enable taste desire fulfilled objective
Passage of time – see how it serves
Divine design, I believe

[Verse 1]
Try see you ‘preciate arrangement
You on board, accept this, celebrate
Good by you, you approve, keep my faith

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
My journey direction destiny
Personal – subjective
My worthy, my yard stick for succeed
Pray never mine only forget it


[Breakdown + spoken word]
Believing this process of manifestation is going on for everyone, and always under the project management, and with the blessings, of God, let me not judge or interfere with others aspirations simply because they do not fit with my own present personal viewpoint of worthy (after all, that is purely contextual to my own current chosen objectives), rather let me always strive to be a positive in the lives of those with whom I cross paths today.

[Repeat Chorus]