Verse 1
And so it begins / another birth
But don’t be sad, it’s not a curse
Just body mind interface for life on Earth
Designed for purpose / driven by dream

Verse 2
Side-quest / diversion along the way
Texture and colour deliver today
Reverses / adversities conspire and inform
Establish the stage where now we perform

Verse 3
Divine expression is everything
Just your desire to table bring
Unique perception, contribution
Nothing outside emotional spectrum

Verse 4
No wrong or right, no should or must
No black and white, no truth trust
Just what mind finds believable
Even for others inconceivable

See beauty everywhere
Leave no stone left unturned

Verse 5
Sometimes aspire to making sense
Some fine sitting on the fence
While others choose never question why
Simply serves believe the lie

Verse 6
Sometimes follow another’s path
Stumble blindly in the Dark
Distrust in own ability
Deny one’s self divinity

Repeat Chorus


Verse 7
And all the while the witness smiles
Facilitates, is on our side
Out of site, behind the scenes
But always watching, never leaves