C.G.I. my vision, quantize my timing, confuse precise / perfect
Sanitise my texture, forget my mission – divine soul expression
Redefine my make it – compromise my sacred

[Verse 1]
Perfection deny
Objective reset
Authentic contrive
Believe in the lie
– but I ain’t gonna prostitute my self expression to no music industry opportunist – never!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Divinity hack
Dishonour my muse
Get off of my back
Is too much to lose
– I ain’t gonna suffocate my creative flow to considerations of commercial viability – never!


[Verse 3]
To promise of fame
Material gain
To radio play
To playing the game
– but I ain’t gonna dumb down this sacred adventure to a quest for mundane celebrity – never!

[Repeat Chorus]