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hMerry Hill by Songs Of Dave Chorus A I, I wonder why Why, I wonder why I, I wonder why I wonder why Chorus B I, I wonder why Why, I wonder why Why, say why are you so wonderful? Verse 1 People walking in the rays of sun Smile for ev'ryone Doesn't mat ter [...]

Ever Had A Dream?

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Planet Earth - Just Visiting by Songs Of Dave Chorus Ever had a dream you can't wake up Even though you sense it isn't real? Even though you feel there's something wrong Ever think my life is like a dream? Verse 1 Welcome to my show So happy you could come Us is only just [...]

The Believable

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Merry Hill by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Human being deceives himself if he believes it Views that he holds grow from evidence collected Cherry pick punnets of facts so they all fit Ignore those that contradict cherished point of view Verse 2 Everyone want understanding believable What one finds believable varies a lot Person [...]

I’m British, Sorry

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Planet Earth - Just Visiting by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 I pass you standing by the side, I wonder what you're thinking There's something sad about your eyes I wonder what they're seeing Verse 2 I look around but there's no dog I wonder why you come here Maybe some private memory Of something [...]