Dialogue With God

//Dialogue With God

Dream Realise

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If You Were God by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Dream realise Dream with opened eyes Journey A to B Divinity [Verse 2] Divine explore Spark of splendour yours Time, time and again Ignite my flame [Chorus] Believe in reason - get my meaning? Life adventure - whe'er may wander You always sanction - stand [...]


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Wanna by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 I wanna see you I wanna believe In you I wanna I wanna know you I wanna go with You I wanna Verse 2 I wanna find out I wanna be free From doubt I wanna I wanna stand up I wanna bow down I wanna own up [...]

By Your Side

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By Your Side by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Sometimes you question why So hard to lesson learn why Repeat mistake again Rotate around in circle turn? Verse 2 Wonder where from begin Idea original sin Repeat mistake again Rotate around in circle spin? Chorus But you can talk to me can talk to you [...]

No Prescribe

2017-08-25T13:01:43+00:00October 17th, 2016|Categories: Dialogue With God|Tags: |

Verse 1 See you in my dreams Like a memory seems Bury deep inside Distant from my conscious mind Verse 2 Sense you in my heart Like another life a part Somehow here survives Transcendental, never dies Chorus I feel you in my soul Never seem to grow old Travel far and wide Always on [...]

After All

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/after_all.mp3 Chorus v1 I want to know your game Objective please explain After all if I am your part Figure you owe it to me to come clean Verse 1 I want to understand your plan Desire become self-aware I want to be clear who I am That I might realise potential Chorus v2 I [...]

Did You Get Lonely?

2017-04-20T05:26:20+00:00January 13th, 2015|Categories: Dialogue With God|Tags: |

http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/did_you_get_lonely.mp3 Chorus Were you lonely Standing alone With no autonomous other looking on in wonder? Verse 1 Did you get lonely all on your own After your opus Without somebody appreciate what you had done? Verse 2 Did you feel empty within your soul Inspite of success Without another with whom to share beauty expressed? [...]

Makes Me Wonder

2018-02-15T12:09:10+00:00May 17th, 2014|Categories: Dialogue With God|Tags: |

Nameless Extra by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 How can it be that I experience something you cannot know? How could it be? To me that makes no sense What sort of god would you be if I own something you do not? Verse 2 How can it be that I enjoy/suffer feelings you cannot [...]

Bird On A Tree

2018-02-15T12:02:18+00:00April 29th, 2014|Categories: Dialogue With God|Tags: |

Nameless Extra by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Bird on a tree is watching me What I believe is destined Is by design, facilitates My state of mind fits my desires Chorus v1 I take this birth under direction No matter whom I choose to be, you stay with me Verse 2 No stone unturned [...]

Mystery Demystify

2018-02-15T13:46:06+00:00November 24th, 2013|Categories: Dialogue With God|Tags: |

Table Bring by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Wonder why I don't give up As I try to understand you Even as this candle burns to the ground Verse 2 Even as momentum grinds Working weeks pass in a moment Why do still I question why / need to know? Chorus Why am I? Identify [...]

I May Never

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Table Bring by Songs Of Dave Chorus I may never know the plan I may never understand you Never dictate my path As you facilitate all Verse 1 Ev'ry day I walk with you Talk aloud communicate Even when I feel confused Even when I wobble faith Verse 2 Ev'ry day I try to see [...]