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Facets Of You by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 So here we are This feels familiar Like you have been here before Verse 2 Like memory Like you remember stuff Like this is not your first time Chorus Child prodigy Animal instinct Seem like past life memory to you Verse 3 I think they are [...]


2018-08-24T20:03:21+00:00October 20th, 2014|Categories: Existential Pondering|Tags: | Verse 1 Through my window pain Or is this pleasure? s'I watch the rain Sometimes it seems to me I take my pick Verse 2 Down to point of view How choose you measure As happy or sad The good and bad seem only relative Bridge v1 So I open my window Feel my [...]

May Yet Recall

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Facets Of You by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Does no-one out there think like me? Relate to the way I see? Resonate with how I feel I don't belong on planet Earth, yet here I am Verse 2 Does no-one out there feel the same? Share this point of view with me? Believe life [...]