Existential Pondering

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Chorus Every step I place 'pon this path foot-worn Destination reach remain In every space and time Every state of mind Far from here and now wander Verse 1 Every A to B Every destiny Preoccupied with thought future time I'm everywhere but there In moment aware; Sieze opportunity; focus Chorus Verse 2 Pass on [...]

Chicken Or Egg

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Chorus v1 Believable truth / objective desirable Chicken or egg choose Is cause or effect Believe what you want to Disregard rest Verse 1 Friend or adversary Lover or enemy Comply or crazy For or against me Verse 2 Goal of life black and white How must proceed prescribed Who am I all wrapped up [...]

Dare You Trust In Your Facts?

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Chorus Dare you trust in your facts Believe in your truth Just because resonates in mind For you've traversed that path before Known certainty sure To only later rethink / move on in time Verse 1 Is as if is hypnotised Somehow held under spell bound As if powerless to step outside As if it [...]

Perfect Now

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/perfect_now.mp3 Chorus The people stare, cannot relate where from Misunderstand word said say They make no sense - how anybody dare Suggest this world perfect now Verse 1 Yet you insist if your God exists then To positive always ev'rything resolves Repeat Chorus Verse 2 Yet you bang on can be no right / wrong [...]


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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/sunrise.mp3 Verse 1 I will see you in the morning Through the wet grass of my dawn In the sunlight of my waking On the seashore of my soul On the seashore of my soul Verse 2 I will see you in the morning Recognise you open eyed Reconnection - recollection In the turning of [...]

Only When I’m Gone

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Verse 1 In the morning will I see more clearly? On reflection, see less subjectively? Verse 2 Looking backward, better understand things I am blind to in this moment hidden? Chorus Remain confident Exist bigger picture But only when I'm gone look upon Verse 3 In the future will I feel different? In retrospect, always [...]