Verse 1
Feel a wind arising
See the clouds arriving
Sense a storm a brewing
Clock the thunder rumble
Hear the pitter-patter
Jump the sky igniting
Joke a god a smiting
Count the thunder clapping

Verse 2
Crack the heavens open
Tarmac a river flowing
Step in shoes a sodden
Climb the graveyard path home
Fear a roof a leaking
Check the paper streaking
All the while awareness
Souls unfinished business

I want to thank you/express
Feel all this time together blessed
For every moment connected

Verse 3
Clouds a dissipating
Sun creating rainbow
Earth aroma carry
Breeze a softly blowing
Sky a blue returning
Hear The Beatles playing
All the while awareness
Souls unfinished business

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Verse 1 (first half)

Connected …

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