The Same Stuff

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/the_same_stuff.mp3 Verse 1 Ev'rybody Sister brother Father mother Global family Verse 2 Ev'rybody Society Beyond country Beyond colour skin Chorus Let me try to feel connected After all made of the same stuff Verse 3 Ev'rybody One together Species beyond No exploitation Verse 4 Ev'ry birth take Combination Soul and body Opportunity Repeat Chorus Instrumental [...]

Open My Eyes

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/open_my_eyes_2017.mp3 Chorus Open my eyes I look to the sky Realise my facts Are really lies And all I now see Believe to be true Is based on forgetting Who I am Verse 1 But ev'ry one plays this game And ev'ry one pretends Seems it's designed this way Let me try to find you [...]


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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/realise.mp3 Verse 1 You arrive a travelled far and wide Time is now to recall why you come here Verse 2 You know it, within you hold the key In your heart listen to bird in tree song Chorus This life realise Verse 3 Tune in to your essence, in self trust Believe it, there [...]

Only I Liberate Me

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Beta 12.2 by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Everyday You try to let go Desire to taste revenge In name of justice Verse 2 Come what may You strive to move on Wollowing self pity It gets me nowhere Chorus Life is for living; love forgiving Through forgiveness we are freed By forgiving gain my [...]

Not For Sale

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Sunshine Or Rain by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 I don't want to be a faker Pretentious imitator I want to play the real me Verse 2 Even if I'm not a singer You say I could be slimmer Don't mean I'm not a winner Chorus I don't want to be somebody Prefer to maintain [...]

Gonna Be My Day

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Adventure Divine by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Sitting in the morning rain Waiting for the sun to come Tryin' to make my mind up - is this gonna be my day? Verse 2 Will or won't - I can't decide Ponder but I just don't know Maybe it's the question rather than an answer [...]

Nobody Fooling Me

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Adventure Divine by Songs Of Dave Chorus Nobody I know Really has a clue Some pretend they do They ain't fooling me Nobody Not no more Verse 1 But if I were up for it Maybe I would listen I'd cave to belong again For something I'm missing, but ... Repeat Chorus Verse 2 But [...]

There For The Taking

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Beta 11.1 by Songs Of Dave Chorus A Choose as if it's there for the taking Believe you deserve it Cast aside all doubts Know you are worthy Chorus B Choose as if it's there for the taking Believe you can make it now Overcome your fears Then you will succeed Verse 1 Everyone is [...]

Only The Clouds

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Beta 11.1 by Songs Of Dave Chorus Only the clouds Cover your eyes Above in the sky Your sun does always shine Verse 1 And when the clouds are grey And when your day seems dark Sometimes it makes you feel S.A.D Verse 2 And when the mist rolls in And when the rain falls [...]

The Answer Is Yes

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Beta 11.1 by Songs Of DaveVerse 1 Make your list Don't be shy You can have it all For after all Who are you To deny yourself? Verse 2 What you want You decide Your choice to choose Just don't pretend It's out of reach Unless that serves you Chorus Anything that you desire Believe [...]